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summertime….and the grilling’s easy….

the heat’s rolling in and it’s too nice not to be outside. after a nasty and non-existent spring, we’re all outside as soon as the rain stops and the sun’s out. welcome summer, we’ve been waiting for you…… Advertisements

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food….food…. + more food….

I have enchiladas on the mind. obviously. this was requested for a birthday fiesta on saturday for two great friends to go along with the mexican themed spread jamie was putting together. she’s been on a mexican kick lately, independent … Continue reading

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confessions of a foodaholic…..

hi. my name is carol and I am addicted to food. I can not stop thinking about it, dreaming about it, drooling over it, wanting it, obsessing over it, making it, and eating it. I love it. especially mexican food, … Continue reading

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dreaming of bbqs…..

it was unexpectedly warm last night. we had the windows opened and could hear our neighbors across the way throwing a party in their yard. the laughter, the clinking of glasses, the smell of charred foods made me long for … Continue reading

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friday feasts….

hoping for a nice + productive weekend; big C and I were talking about painting the office. first steps into making it a workspace for me. also it’s mother’s day weekend. don’t forget to call your mom/mum/momma/mommy/mother/ma. have a good … Continue reading

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sashay with the satay….

about once a month I get in touch with my asian heritage make the pilgrimage to fubonn. the cheeseburgers get sidelined, noodles and dumplings get in the spotlight. we are happy again. most of the time though, I to pick … Continue reading

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olympic provisions….

omnivorous om·niv·o·rous–adjective 1. eating both animal and plant foods. 2. eating all kinds of foods indiscriminately. 3. taking in everything, as with the mind: an omnivorous reader. that pretty much sums up where I am right now. I’m in a … Continue reading

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