food….food…. + more food….

I have enchiladas on the mind. obviously. this was requested for a birthday fiesta on saturday for two great friends to go along with the mexican themed spread jamie was putting together. she’s been on a mexican kick lately, independent of me, and wanted the celebration to reflect that. and who doesn’t love mexican food? craziness……here are some gratuitous close-ups of the enchiladas in mole sauce. I pulled out all of the stops for this one and made the mole sauce. did I mention that I went into a full cooking/baking bend on saturday? yea. once you get started it’s hard to stop. (let’s not bring up the major kitchen clean-up that had to happen on sunday. I’m trying to forget that part). I made deb’s  jalapeno-cheddar scones. em’s husband and I had a trade going when we were at the food carts on thursday. I was out of cash and offered him scones if he would buy me a beer. so I had to hold up my end of the bargain and knocked these out. big C dropped them off when he swung by to pick up a shopvac from john (more about that later). john’s only complaint? two scones weren’t enough. I told him to suck it up. ha.
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