confessions of a foodaholic…..

hi. my name is carol and I am addicted to food. I can not stop thinking about it, dreaming about it, drooling over it, wanting it, obsessing over it, making it, and eating it. I love it. especially mexican food, it’s an insatiable desire. so imagine my elation when this arrived in the mail. almost like they knew I needed a pick-me-up during this time of trials and tribulation (stepping back into freelance full time can be taxing).this is also the issue that featured the satay. I am seriously considering have it laminated considering how much use it’s getting. don’t those enchiladas look amazing? I had to give them a is tight right now with only one of us pulling in a steady income, so we have to be crafty. we cut as many corners as we can to keep some of the funds in our pockets, and eating out is just not an option we can take much of. it’s expensive and not always the best for you. as much as I hated it as a kid, my parents owned a restaurant and we had to help in it. I learned a lot from those years in the kitchen. my mom is also an excellent cook so I saw the importance of cooking and eating together. now I am trying to keep with that tradition, big C isn’t complaining one bit.

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2 Responses to confessions of a foodaholic…..

  1. caroline says:

    come cook for me, please?

    • little c says:

      come visit me please? 🙂 or maybe we both need to take a trip back to sf and we can cook in holly’s little kitchen (sugar free of course).

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