sashay with the satay….

about once a month I get in touch with my asian heritage make the pilgrimage to fubonn. the cheeseburgers get sidelined, noodles and dumplings get in the spotlight. we are happy again. most of the time though, I to pick up ingredients for dumplings. it’s one of my specialties and an item most of my friends who have tasted one (even those who have not) will request over and over again. it’s almost an addiction, they are that good. and the best part? they’re freezer friendly. I’ll make a bunch at a time and stash them in the freezer. so when we want dumplings, all we have to do is cook them. but this time it wasn’t just about the dumplings, this trip to the grocer was satay. it’s all about the satay this time.I got my latest issue of saveur and I fawned and drooled over the cover for a while (mexican is my ultimate comfort food) but it was another article that caught my eye. there was a feature article about the satay and kebabs, street food done over a barbeque. we had just refilled the propane tank for the grill and I was itching to light it up. so I got some ideas from the magazine, made this and made up a marinade for the chicken. I can’t tell how much of what went in and when, I’m terrible with following directions, but what I can say is there was honey, garlic, ginger, chardonnay vinegar, and soy sauce. it marinated for about 20 minutes before it hit the grill and the leftover marinade was brushed over the meat while on the grill.  and it was good. note on the salad, I let it sit overnight so it would be pickled and recommend that. it tasted better the next day. if you want a “recipe”, hit me up. don’t be shy. I’m not.
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