the book list….

last week sucked the life out of me and my brain was in dire straits. it was time to recharge. out came the books. here is a fact, I own a library but I rarely if ever have used it. I’m terrible about returning things on time, and tend to rack up overdue fees like nobody’ business. (I like to believe that netflix was created for me). so in the end it’s worthwhile for me to buy a book rather than get it from the library. also the freedom to read it on my whim appeals to me greatly, I don’t like restraints (another reason why diets don’t work for me, another conversation for another time). fortunately for me when I was in san francisco, there is a great used book store with an amazing sale bin. green apple books is my absolute favourite shop for great finds. I picked up these three from there and I think they each on sale for 1/3 of their original price. when I head back in june, I will be dropping by. tamara de lempicka. her work is stunning and the use of colour and pigment is unmatched by any other artist I have seen the way she pulls together styles and movements that lack similarities (cubism + art deco) and make them cohesive pushes my own boundaries of what can work harmoniously. she was innovative for her time, her thinking progressive.then we have a little hollywood glamour. the photographers whose work appears in this periodical is a roster of whose who in the business. and what photographer’s library would be complete without something of the master, avedon himself? a foolish one. he is the greatest.


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