tackling the ivy…..

there are no kamera klatsch this week. someone was too sick to put something together, though she did make it to all of her meetings that week in spite of the fact that her stomach was raging hell. last week was horrid. out sick for a few days with some sort of food poisoning or virus. big C got knocked out with it just as I was getting better. it was nasty. so by the end of the week I was feeling completely useless. it was time to put something back and rouse the sleeping beast. I ran out to powell’s to grab a copy of creative inc., and to rich’s cigar store for the latest issues of living etc and donna hay. and that little formula worked. inspired by the sets and styling, I got back to wrapping up those projects that had been sitting around for way too long………starting with the ivy.I picked this set up from these guys when we were in san francisco off of craigslist for $20 (it retails for over $60). apparently it had been sitting around for a while and they never got around to putting it up, so it was time to go. I had lofty ambitions for it at first and then we moved to portland, and our first place wouldn’t let us put holes in the wall. then we moved again and this place we could do whatever we wanted but it needed to be painted first. so it sat in the bag for a while, suffering the same fate as it had with the previous owners. trying to put this together, I see why there was so much hesitation. it’s bit deceiving. looking at it you’d think it would be pretty easy to assemble and put up; it’s not. the pieces interlock but they don’t stay connected like lego pieces would. so you have to be careful when you get it ready to hang that it doesn’t come apart. this is all the more complicated in that there are only certain pieces that have a hole so you can drill it into the wall. and you have make sure that those are located at key points to that it can be supported vertically. it took a lot more planning that I had anticipated. but when it was up it looked amazing and I have to say , worth the effort.
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