light at the end of the tunnel….

these past few years have been a flurry of changes, of elation and tragedy. in august it will be two years since big C and I packed all of our belongings into a truck for pdx. it’s been a rough ride and we’ve held on tight. this year alone has been a test of endurance. my grandpa succumbed to cancer in december and big C’s dad in february, thus the trip back to illinois. it wasn’t all bad however, big C was accepted into the IBEW 48 and is now in the apprenticeship program. I quit my day job as a personal shopper and plunged back into film production. the job turned out to be an ill fit but it gave me the excuse I needed to go back to doing what I love the most. since then I’ve been busy putting myself out there and getting immersed with the local crew and it might have finally paid off! I’ve got some meetings set up to discuss potential projects and I’m excited to see where this goes! wish me luck!                                                                xoxo little c
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