egg press….

so as mentioned before, I was lucky enough to stumble in on the egg press sample sale at their warehouse  in se portland. they are gearing up to move to a bigger space in the next few months. when the dust finally settles, tess (president and owner of egg press) has promised me a tour of the new studio. I’m so excited for them. if you’re not familiar with their work, go look them up. I’m fascinated and somewhat obsessed with letterpress and their cards are in my top 5. I became familiar with the company when I was working for flax art & design in san francisco while in college. the stationary department carried a good assortment of letterpress and die cut cards but it was the whimsy of egg press that kept me coming back for more. fast forward years later, I once again reconnected with egg press. this time it was through tess, who became one of my personal shopping clients.domo kun apparently thinks these cards are great, he’s also a fan.  big C + little = happy little clams. I literally squealed when I saw this one. the mac to my cheese?! eeeeeek! it almost got away but through persistence and digging through many many boxes of cards, I unearthed not one, but two. one for me and one for em. she loves mac ‘n cheese and her husband, john makes the most incredible mac ‘n cheese you will ever taste. that girl is lucky, not only is he an incredible woodworker (I will show the shelf she built for her soon) but he also makes a mean mac ‘n cheese. be jealous.
so what are my plans for these adorable cards? they are not going in the mail. not even close. nope, I gonna pick up some of these and put them in my office on the walls. they are looking awesome once done. but first, I gotta repaint the walls……….
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