monday musings….

the weekend was packed. volunteered at the  ompa release party. ducked into egg press sample sale. dinner with family and relatives from out of town at red robin. lazy sunday brunch with friends at authentica. caught up on castle. saw hanna with em. it was a good weekend. after working for almost 2 years in retail I forgot what it was like to live a normal live (i.e. have weekends off). so monday was a slump. a lot of catching up and prepping for the week. work has been slow to come by but I’ve been sowing the seeds. I made some new contacts at the party and was offered work to be in front of the camera rather than behind it. that was new. I’ve always been the one behind the scenes and not in the spotlight. it seemed interesting enough and I need work, so I said yes. why not?
so I sent out the paper work which was easy but I needed a headshot. not so easy. sucky for me my lovely photographer friend kira is in san diego and I’m in pdx. so I set up shop with the tripod. want to know a dirty little secret to doing self-portraits? a remote. no more blurred motion shots. you can stay and pose all you want, and when you’re ready push the button. there is even a light indicator to so you can be ready for that snap. however, I wouldn’t do this till you have your lighting just right. so here I am doing a test shot with my hand.the rest of me needed sprucing up as well.  so essie for j.crew nail polish chubby cheeks. (it’s not warm enough to take the plastic off the windows. spring is uber late)here’s a rare appearance of our resident polydactyl kitty puck aka fatty aka fat bob aka fatty mcfatterson aka puck puck aka thumbs.this is not the one I submitted. I’m saving this one for my sexy shampoo ad break. oh yea. fluff it up! (I desperately need a trim)
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