kamera klatsch: 3.16.11 {8:00pm}

creativeholly {san francisco, ca}
as the sky dims, the city awakens. i hear taxi whistles and french accents. the thick smell of gourmet food fills the air. this is the view from my front ‘porch’.
little c {portland, or}
picky eaters are hard to please and it seemed that the only truce to be found was at red robin. walking in amongst the teenagers and large families with children, I was pulled back to my high school and college days. red robin was a place where we could get grub for cheap and could accommodate larger groups of high schoolers and eventually hungry college kids.
jennifer woodward {whittier, ca}
It’s just about the most perfect Southern California evening possible; the orange trees & roses are in bloom, fragrancing the air ever so slightly along with a tinge of Kingsford. Seventy five degrees out and the Dodgers are in a 3 game homestand with the Cardinals who are just roping the ball off every pitcher they face. The moon is full and the mosquitoes are out so I’m watching the game inside, enjoying a cold beer & a salad with my dogs
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