olympic provisions….

1. eating both animal and plant foods.
2. eating all kinds of foods indiscriminately.
3. taking in everything, as with the mind: an omnivorous reader.
that pretty much sums up where I am right now. I’m in a new place of soaking in as much as I can and redefining myself. there’s a lot of new flavours to explore. some I love. some I loathe. and some lie in the middle, just meh. though it’s much more refined than it was my first go at this, you could say my palate has been refined.
sometimes being an omnivore means you get lucky and get to feed both of your desires, food + mind. a creative meeting had been set up at olympic provisions, a fine charcuterie in se pdx. big C and I’ve had this on our list for some time and had wanted to go there for my birthday (unfortunately they were closed on that day). I was too wrapped up in my meeting to take any pictures of our food but I can assure you it was grub.
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