signs…..I’m looking for them. where do I go next? what should I do? turn left? proceed with caution? speed up? slow down? prepare for bumps along the way? oh wait. watch out for sacrificial deer! I need some direction and guidance right now. I know I am heading the right direction but everyone who knows me knows I was not born with an inner gps (global positioning system). I’ve ridden my bike with the gps in the back pocket of my jersey so I wouldn’t get lost. (you really learn to appreciate how long a 1/4 mile is when you’re pedaling)I’m getting a lot of positive feedback, encouragement that I am on the right course. but my knees are shaky. I’ve taken a hiatus and getting back on the bike isn’t as simple as it seems. I’m not so coordinated as I used to be. or perhaps that’s it, I’m holding myself up against someone whom I was once was. I’ve grown a lot since then but I’m also out of practice. swallow my pride, someone said that to me today. I know she’s right but my pride’s having a hard time acknowledging it. maybe that’s the sign I’ve been looking for all along.
be humble.
{no one said this was gonna be easy. sigh}

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