tickled pink….

and I’m back. this last week was a flurry of activities and changes. I bid adieu to my day job (finally) and plunged head first back into freelance work. an opportunity opened itself at me and I grabbed it by the horns. it was a wild ride. I’m still a little sore from all of the bucking and tossing but I hung on the best I could. it was shorter than expected which was probably for the best, I didn’t want to get trampled the rest of the way. now lays the big question, where to next?
I’m pulling on my shitkickers and heading off to the sunset to ride into the next great adventure. I have no idea what’s will be next but I’m tickled pink to know that I will be doing what I love. it may not be easy and not all of the time so glamorous, but it will be something I am actually passionate about. wish me luck!
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