guest post: neighborhoods

Hello, my name is Jason. I live in Astoria, Oregon. Astoria is a small town located at the mouth of the Columbia River. Spanning that river is a 4.1 mile bridge that connects Oregon to Washington,  but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Astoria might just be best known for having a been the filming location of many a motion picture.Hey look, there’s me by the house where they shot “The Goonies.” That little movie shaped my childhood and was a deciding factor to first move here from Indiana and more recently from Los Angeles. Ya see, it’s reeeeeally beautiful here.Along with it’s amazing scenery, it’s pretty dang cheap to live here too. For example, with what I was paying for my crappy one bedroom in LA I could get a 5 bedroom house with a sick view. What else, it’s safe, there’s a nice sense of community, and people are quite friendly.
But wait, there’s a catch, we receive an average of 67.1 inches of rain annually and have a population of just under 10,000. Most folks who live here are either from here or transplants who are looking for simpler times. It’d be a fine place to raise a family, but for a guy like me, it gets kinda dull.  That being said, I’m currently in the market for a place in Portland.
I look at the time I’ve spent here as my Walden. Quiet, peaceful, scenic, plenty of time to think, write, read, listen to and play music.
Here’s the view from my bedroom window:
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One Response to guest post: neighborhoods

  1. mj McPooperson says:

    WOW! what great pics! Astoria looks like a great place to live. Community is what it is all about. That Jason guy seems to be a nice young man.

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