guest post: neighborhoods

after taking a tour through my neighborhood I thought it would be fun to explore the neighborhoods of my friends and see what their stomping grounds are like. I plan to make this an ongoing series, and hope to have as many collaborators as possible. first up is my dear friend and fellow collaborator of frenzied fabrications creativeholly of the blog creativeholly color.
hello. i’m creativeholly, a designer & illustrator who lives and works in downtown san francisco.
my neighborhood goes by many names: downtown, union square, nob hill, tendernob, or the theatre district—if you want to get into sub-neighborhoods. it’s located in the northwest area of sf and is generally known for couture shopping, hotels, and art galleries.
why did i move to this concrete jungle? i’ll let the photos explain : )

DINING – some of the best food downtown is hidden underground, beneath macy’s and the shopping mall on market street. cream puffs,japanese ramen, pork tacos…san francisco does food courts right.
MAGIC – there is a magical, silence downtown that few locals have even experienced. when the commuters have gone home and the tourists are in bed, i love to ride my bike through the deserted streets of downtown.
ART – i often pass this pine street mural on my way to chinatown. my milk tea addiction is out of control.
GROCERIES – the galleria farmer’s market is open every weekday in case i need to grab something fresh for lunch.
WALK – the best thing about living downtown is that i’m a sunshiny walk from the ferry building, japantown, hayes valley and soma. i never have to worry about parking or buses.
PARADES – all the fantabulous san francisco parades pass through downtown. i like parades…a lot.
all photos by creativeholly
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