s**t kickers

shit kickers: n. slang term for cowboy boots. shit kickers typically dont refer to the roper style cowboy boots but more the traditional pointed toe high heeled variety. dubbed “shit kickers” because they come in handy in a fight
I’m a sassbucket. anyone who has spent anytime with me knows it right away, this girl is pull of personality with a heaping dose of attitude. I’m no prima donna but a tough little cookie; don’t throw something at me if you don’t want it shoved back in your face.  I won’t turn down a challenge, sometimes to the chagrin of big C but he loves me, pluck and all. so it makes sense that my first big (as in expensive) shoe purchase was a pair of shit kickers aka cowboy boots.
I splurged and went with a pair of frye billy pull ons. they were the real thing, which means they bloody hurt before I got them broken in. the leather is stiff and the heel rubbed at first, you have to really beak them in. once you get them formed to your foot, you would want to wear nothing else.
boots are de regueur here in pdx, it’s what we live in during the fall and winter. I’ve never had to get into a fight to test the shit kicking abilities of my boots but knowing that I can boosts my confidence. and having two pairs of shit kickers just makes it much more fun. I spotted these vintage bad boys at billy goat vintage. I had to have them. barely worn frye high heeled cowboy boots from the 70s.
**these boots are not for sale. they are mine. mine. mine. go find your own.
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