kamera klatsch: 3.12.11

saturday march 12, 2011 8:00pm pst
little c {portland, or}
buttermilk + eggs + flour + butter + blueberries = bliss
creativeholly {san francisco, ca}
i took a break from work to make this tasty salad.                                                                                                                                              
sophia coaxum {new york, ny}
Lazy grooming. I have no motivation so it’s gonna stay as is. Night
jason jancosek {astoria, or}
I wasn’t doing much of anything at 8 o’clock other than picking Beatles songs out on my guitar, listening to music, and playing text trivia with a friend. I brainstormed about this assignment a bit since learning of it and didn’t want to do an elaborate set-up or something too stylized. I looked up at the light that illuminates my desk, and my coozie collection, to a slide I found on some southern California street.
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