kamera klatsch : fridge werks {2}

I had so many collaborators on this one I had to split it into two posts. thank you all for contributing. you guys rock! xoxo little c
jennifer woodward {whittier, ca}
It’s a 1953 General Electric ‘Combination’ refridgerator/freezer in its original paint. It belonged to my great grandmother & grandfather Skochdopole who came here from Czechoslovakia by way of Nebraska loooong ago.
What’s on there…ladybug & bee magnets, rust, a greasy receipt from Rick’s Drive Thru (they forgot our delicious taco, curses!) and er, what else? Some Target coupons that GOD FORBID MIGHT EXPIRE! A Paul O’Neill baseball card from when he was with the Reds (he’s a distant cousin) and a praying mantis magnet on the top! There’s a funny To-Do list in primary colors that matches nothing in the house with a hammer on it & is something that never gets used 😉caroline duke {oklahoma city, ok}
my fridge mainly serves as an inspiration and souvenir board—postcards from friends and ephemera from travels. i love receiving postcards from afar (most those on the fridge and most in my collection are from creative holly, bless her heart, with a couple from friends in hawaii and taiwan) and collecting tourist-y kitsch on vacation (golden gate bridge magnet; tiny print from grand place in brussels; doughnut wrapper from seattle; souvenir shop wrapper from paris). there are also a few snapshots from other vacation spots, a little sartorial inspiration and a couple random prints. (click on image for full details)
emily shepherd {portland, or}
random friends, family, and places. it changes frequently, as pictures are sent to us or I find them in boxes. some are years old. some are new. and there’s our wedding party invitation hand-painted by my mom. (camera sucks. told you that. that’s why i need a new one.)
kiko macharg singh {san francisco, ca}
this is always changing but like to put happy reminders like the save the dates for a few weddings we are going to; a birthday card and our Hawaiian themed magnets always remind me of home.
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