kamera klatsch : fridge werks {1}

feeling stumped with creating content last week, I wandered around the house trying to think of what to do next. the weather was uncooperative so shooting outdoors was out of the question. more shots of our place? not until more work has been done on it. realizing sitting at my desk was going nowhere I ducked to the kitchen for a munch. and then it hit me. the fridge.
here you go folks. another edition of kamera klatsch: fridge werks
little c {portland, or}
the fridge is really a mood board + photo album. all the things that make me happy make it to the fridge. the artwork is mine and the utilitarian stuff is bis c’s, the recipe for cleaning solution is his and the postcards are mine. it’s really an indication of who were are as a household. (click on image for full details)

kira grinberg {san diego, ca}
our fridge is still chock full of holiday cards. note the duplicate hanukkah card my grandparents gave me 😉
creativeholly {san francisco, ca}
art postcards from galleries + fun mail from my friends. sticking inspiring things to vertical surfaces keeps them from piling up on my desk. (click on image for full details)

jessica park {berkeley, ca}
You may notice that “Life is short, eat dessert first” magnet that you (little c) gave me. There’s pictures that our niece drew for us and a few photos of friends from out of town. And a bunch of random magnets.
jason jancosek {astoria, or}
My refrigerator is lame. I have consciously restrained any kind of aesthetic involvement in or around the common areas of the house due to very young, often intoxicated roommates, unwanted pets, and a general lack of cleanliness and respect. I’m sure you’ve all been there. It wasn’t always like this, I swear. When I used to live by myself there were photographs, drawings from my nephews, corny inspirational quotes, and other things that would provide many a conversation starter or even, perhaps, a glimpse into my soul. Nowadays, not so much.
That being said, here she is: Here we have the usual line up: random magnets, coupons, and a trivial pursuit card.

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