kamera klatsch: 3.4.11

klatsch: noun
informal an informal gathering, as for conversation
origin: ger klatsch, gossip; of echoic orig.
kamera klatsch: an experiment in documenting a photographer’s individual experience, mood, or perception at a predetermined time.
march 4, 2011  [5:30pm pst/ 8:30pm est]
hanging out at em’s, going over the notes for our photoshoot for her book. the rain had been coming down but there was a lull.
little c      {portland, oregon}                                                                                                          
the mysterious hattifattener is not impressed with friday night. he will party when he is ready to party, and not before.
creativeholly {san francisco, california}
Just finished seeing Biutiful. Waiting for my train, when I noticed these lines. These beautiful lines. After seeing beauty in such a raw, emotional film as Biutiful, the 2nd Avenue F Train Station suddenly became wonderful. Cheers to the wonderful details in life.
matthew {new york, new york}
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