secrets of a stylist…

there’s been a lot of buzz lately about a new design show, and it piqued my interest. disclaimer, I’m not much of a tv watcher but it seemed like all of the right people were touting the merits of this one. so I gave it a shot and would watch it over again. maybe it’s where I am with trying to get my career to take off as a stylist, or it could be that the host, emily henderson is that charming and good. whatever it is it inspired me to get out and do more.
so for a start let’s do a simple before and after of my living room and to prove the transformative properties of paint. when we moved into our current place last june, the paint scheme was horrendous. to this day I want to ask the previous tenants what they were on when they painted the place. the living room walls alternated from a combination of white walls with red trim to red walls with white trim. the bathroom was painted a powder blue, trim and all. I won’t get into the details but it was gag worthy.
picking out the right colour is a process and what might look great in one place may look terrible in yours. there are factors to be considered, available light, room structure and layout, tone desired, and that is just the beginning. I’ve picked out palettes for sets and productions but approaching your own living space is a lot more challenging. you are living with this after all and it has to be just right. factor in the difference in opinions and you’ve got yourself neck deep in swatches and paint chips. I needed a fresh pair of eyes and recruited our dear friend emily, a very talented interior designer to help us out. it’s amazing what a bottle of wine can get you. we spread out fan decks, swatches, magazine spreads, books to get a better idea of what we were looking for.
it took us a while to pick out a colour that would complement the space and our style. I may have picked out paints before for sets but when it comes to your own home, it’s a lot harder. I love greys but big C was uncertain. I wanted dark walls but the lack of lighting could be overwhelming in a small space lacking sunlight. I can’t tell you that we came to the decision right away, emily and I talked for a long time to find the right shade, and the transformation was instant.
we chose sherwin williams truly taupe, and did the trim in metro paint mountain white. the wall colour was from the harmony line, a voc free paint and the trim is recycled paint. I’m still putting the place together on a miniscule budget and it’s a slow process due to the lack of funds. the majority of the decor are thrifted from craigslist, garage sales, with pieces we’ve collected along the way. it takes a lot of patience to not do everything at once like on the design shows, but this is reality my friend and reality says I can’t have it all when I want it.
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