kamera klatsch: 2.27.11

klatsch: noun
informal an informal gathering, as for conversation
origin: ger klatsch, gossip; of echoic orig.
kamera klatsch: an experiment in the experience occurring at a set time and space, as perceived by the individual. on sunday, february 27 at 10am (pacific standard time) coordinating with 1pm (eastern standard time), each person stopped and took a picture. they were asked to give a short description of this moment in time.
“I had the day off and was debating whether to go back to bed or get up and make some coffee.”                                         little c  10:00am       portland, oregon
“this morning, i was in my kitchen – thinking about what to do for breakfast. our place is kind of a mess because we are moving.”                                                                                                                                                                                                 kira 10:00am       san diego, california
“final cleanup of old apartment. bittersweet ending but ready for new beginnings. onward and upward!”                         sophia 1:00pm       new york, new york
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2 Responses to kamera klatsch: 2.27.11

  1. this is fun, carol! @sophia that apartment looks too good to leave. i can’t wait to see where you’re heading.

    • sophia says:

      UGH.. i know.. LONG STORY! drama.. but like i said.. onward and upward.. ill take pics of the new place soon.. once we finally unpack..

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