snow day…

it snowed for a few hours on thursday. portland doesn’t get snow very often but when it does, the city freaks and shuts down. school was canceled. some shops refused to open at all because there would be snow.
the snow came down for a few hours, blanketing everything in white. it was great to watch out of my window, a large cup of coffee in hand. I stepped out for a few minutes to take some shots but it got cold fast and I ducked back in. it was cold but obviously not cold enough and the snow melted rapidly. it didn’t even stick around to cause trouble. so remind me again why we were freaking out? oh right it’s snow. we’re not prepped for snow. we can’t handle snow. snow is scary and we must stop everything that we’re doing because there is snow.
bet you people on the east coast and the mid-west are laughing at us now. yea, we west coasters are a bunch of wusses when it comes to snow. now stop mocking us. you might make us cry.
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