neighborhoods #4

it snowed last night, several inches to be a matter of fact. I know I have nothing to complain about considering the east coast and the midwest have been dumped on for months now but sometimes a girl needs some sunshine and warm weather. is that too much to ask? not really.
the weather has been funky to say the least. one day it would be sunny and warm, the next cold and wet. it can really mess with your head after a while. this might explain this town’s obsession with food. what? you’re feeling glum? here eat this. oh the rain is getting to you? try this. what it’s gorgeous out today? sit down at the picnic table and have a bit of this. this town doesn’t need an excuse to eat well, food is very important here, it’s part of the draw.
we eat mostly at home, it’s cheaper and healthier. I try to make everything that we eat but sometimes I slack or am too tired to stand in front of the stove or whatever and we venture out. fortunately for us, our neighborhood has some great restaurants within a short walk.
dick’s hasn’t even been opened for a year yet and it’s already become a neighborhood favourite. on a typical weekend, the place is packed with diners feasting on local grass fed beef burgers and drinking on local microbrews. it calls itself portland’s first stone age diner based on the principle of eating what you would’ve harvested prior the industrial revolution. everything is sustainable and pulled from sources within the state. I’m proud to support his cause but to be honest,  his burgers are just damn good and we keep going back for more.
word on the street is a pizza joint will be opening up in this dixie mattress company spot. the windows have been covered up so progress is hidden. I’m hoping that they will open soon and the pizza will actually be good because a good pie has been hard to find here.
vinyl and booze, that’s the hall of records. the music is good and the grub works but the best part is $4 wine. needless to say, it’s one of my top places to hang out at.
and when we’re bored with eating and drinking there is an arcade and movie theater to sneak away in.
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