neighborhoods #3

there is a snow alert out in nw oregon and sw washington.                   snow.                       in february.                      snow.
excuse me while I curl up in the corner and cry into my pretty sundress. yes. sundress. you know the ones you wear in spring. yes. spring. the season that is supposed to be the light at the end of the tunnel after enduring the brutality of winter? spring did you lose my rsvp? you’re supposed to show up by now. I’ve had enough of winter and it’s time for you to show. don’t be late please.
while I slip on my gloves and cocoon myself in a pashmina, I will keep my hopes up for an early spring. at least I had that day when it was sunny out……
this place will look completely different in spring when the vine comes out of hibernation. it’s fun that the look this building is tied in with the seasonal changes. the building itself does not bear an organic shape on its own but the addition of a climbing vine brings that back in. I love the play of organic with industrial.
there is meticulous attention to detail placed on homes here and for good measure. it takes something from bland to grand instantly. imagine how dull these places would be without the highlight of creamy yellow and it was given the same colour as the rest of the area. the unique traits of the building would be lost.

the view outside my window is gloomy and it’s a cross hybrid of snow + rain outside right now. guess spring isn’t here yet. bummer.

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