neighborhoods #2

did you notice the title? I’m paying a tribute to this year’s winner of band of the year at the grammys. normally I could care less about this stuff, but this year was amazing. don’t worry I won’t launch into a whole tirade about how awesome they are but I will say this: I saw them at shoreline years ago, and it was probably the best show I’ve ever been to. I’m not kidding. they are that good. what? you’ve never heard of them? you, my friend, have been missing out. better get on it fast or else this may happen to you (especially if you live in hipster central pdx). I thought it would be fun to do neighborhoods #1, 2, 3, 4 (they are tracks from the funeral album).
portland’s got great style. when big C and I came up for a visit, it was oohs and ahs everywhere we went. driving around town our conversations would go something like this “wow! you’ve got to see this house! it’s gorgeous!” “can’t. I’m driving.” pause “oooooh look at that!” “yea. great. I’m driving remember?” “oh yea. right. well you should see this!” “uh huh.” “that place has a porch! I want a porch!” “look at that yard! we need a yard!” “I wanna live there!” after a while he stopped responding but I couldn’t stop. I was in love.
I wonder if this was a set up. an orange house with an orange car? how awesome is that?
we portlanders are a crafty bunch, always working on one project or another. this is a great spot for materials. I’m hoping to pick up some materials from here to build a shoe shelf at our place. my shoes need a home.
brightly painted doors are popular here. the door of the first place we moved into was orange. our front door now is a dark green.
someone drew eyes, beak, and feet on the top right mailbox to look like an owl (top right).

I adore this house. I have to avoid hanging out too often or else they might think I’m scheming a burglary. the colours are so perfect, it brings a modern edge to an otherwise cutesy home.
*neighborhood #1, 2, 3, 4 are tracks from their freshman album funeral.
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One Response to neighborhoods #2

  1. caroline says:

    that black one is GORGEOUS. i’ll take it.

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