neighborhoods #1

it’s been rain with the occasional snow, on and off since we’ve been back. not that I’m complaining since the rain washes away all of the muck and the city always smells fresh after a rainfall. it does get to you after a while though, that overcast gloom that hangs around most storms? yea. that gets old after a while.
so when the sun decides to show up, it’s time to drop the laptop, grab the camera and head out for a walk around the neighborhood. big C and I are pretty lucky to live in the sunnyside district of portand. it’s a busy hub of restaurants and small shops without losing the neighborhood feel. we’re next to pine state biscuits, a big tourist and local hot spot. it was amusing when we first moved in to hear the sounds of dishes clanging constantly and see the long lines of people waiting to get in on the weekends.
yes the food is really good. no we don’t eat here all the time. if we did we wouldn’t be able to fit through the door. again that gym is a few blocks away but still…..
this is a shame to admit but we’ve never been inside the triple nickle. it’s two doors down from where we are. we’ve lived at our place for seven months and have stepped foot through the front doors. I’m not sure what it is that keeps us going someplace else, to another bar a few blocks further in the opposite direction but we do. is it because it’s a dive? doubt it. maybe it’s just that we like the other bars better. yea. that’s it.
that whole bar talk has thrown me off track and I can’t think of where to take this so I will leave it here. have a great weekend everyone. thanks for dropping by. xoxo little c
*the weather became crap again today. overcast and misty ickiness. yuck.
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