the party came and went….

last night we celebrated big C’s birthday at home with some of our friends. we had suffered a recent tragedy and I figured he could use some encouragement. an e-mail was sent out and the planning began….
short on time and everything else, I decided to take the easy route and make cupcakes. pulling from my favourite recipe, the work began. try this sometime, the smell of melted butter meshing with guinness is amazing.
18 minutes later, these little guys needed to cool before icing commenced. so I left for work. sometimes you have do something like go to work, or else there would be no cupcakes.
the icing was prepped. chocolate chip cream cheese frosting topped with coconut (he loves coconuts that nut).
did you know how hard it is to find plain shaved coconut? on the average there were six ingredients for a package of this stuff? lucky for me my grocer carried bob’s red mill. on their ingredients list? coconut. I love this brand.
just look at these beauties. so glad our gym is just a few blocks away….
there were no pictures taken during the party itself, we were too busy guzzling vino and shoving our faces in cupcake goodness. so here is the morning after. amongst the eight of us, we went through seven (?) bottles of booze. not too bad for a wednesday night. big C had a blast. he doesn’t usually like being the center of attention but I think inside he was gloating a bit. happy birthday my love! xoxo

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One Response to the party came and went….

  1. tee says:

    Thanks for the invite! Lol

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