back……sort of……..

48 hours is not long enough to come home, but that’s all we had. so we crammed as much as we could with friends and family. this was our schedule: land at sfo, gorge at a buffet, sleep, wake up, suck up some coffee + pastries, eat + drink at sister’s wedding bbq party, back to mom + dad’s, eat a 7 dish dinner mom prepares especially for us, drive into sf, drink some more with kiko + mayank, sleep, wake up, eat +drink excessively at brunch, get picked up by our cycling buddy cam for coffee, get dropped off at sfo, land in pdx, grab a pizza +beer, sleep.
now I’m tired + a teensy bit hungover. it was worth it to spend time with those you love and love you back.
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our flights are booked. we’re heading to san francisco! can’t wait! I’m so excited to see everyone. oh I wish we were leaving this weekend so we could be at kira’s wedding in encinitas before taking off for my sisters. still we’re going to make it up to tim and kira. there’s a big possibility that we’re going to head down to san diego come winter (the nw winters will get to you after a while)…….
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summertime….and the grilling’s easy….

the heat’s rolling in and it’s too nice not to be outside. after a nasty and non-existent spring, we’re all outside as soon as the rain stops and the sun’s out. welcome summer, we’ve been waiting for you……
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packing the bags….

big C and I are packing our bags for a weekend trip back to san francisco in a few weeks. my baby sister and her fiancee are tying the knot and they’re throwing a big party at the park to celebrate. we can’t wait to head back and see everyone. a baby nephew we have yet to meet. a niece, when we last saw her could barely crawl is now running. and a new pooch. we can’t wait…….
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he’s not big C for nothing….

the first time we met I thought to myself, “damn. this guy is huge!” it’s not like he’s fat or anything, he’s built well, big. it probably doesn’t help his cause when he’s standing next to me. I’m petite at 5’1″ and wear size x-small. big C is 6’2″ and wears a xx-large. so he’s definitely a big C (chris) and I’m little c (carol).if you haven’t guessed it yet, our styles are on opposite ends. he’s functional whereas I’m whimsical. I got the creative spunk and he’s the techie nerd. he’s the electrician and I’m the creative producer. in the end, we balance each other out and I love him more each day for it…….** these are the work boots we picked up at moser’s in illinois. they’re holding up great.
*** sorry my writing has been a little choppy lately, my brain is fried with all sorts of little projects demanding a lot of brain cells.
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not my work……

but it was too bad ass not to share. wow. I wish I was that cool….
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love me some 3 day wknds….

the long weekend started with a bang; a bloody mary with bacon kind of bang. jamie and I got the party rolling on friday at her place with a vino-fied gabfest which led to cruising through the hollywood farmer’s market the next morning. armed with my trusty canon rebel and a shopping bag, I was ready for what our late spring had to offer. there was a lot of goodies considering how late we got there (12:30pm) and I took some great shots. there was a lot of picture taking over the weekend, something I hadn’t done in a while. I just lost my steam. and it took a long weekend to recharge and get it all back.there’s lots to see and I’ll be doing my darndest to edit and post quickly this week. we had a packed weekend revolving around food, family and great friends. sometimes that’s all you need to remind yourself that life is all about living and work is just a means to an ends……………
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